Thursday, December 27, 2012

Serenity Prayer Goals

serenity prayer
My Fall Training Season required this Prayer and I do not think I gave this prayer enough focus for all the ups and downs that Fall provided - heat & humidity that would not go away when summer ended, Fall allergies & asthma that would contiune longer into the fall due the extended heat, developed funky shin issue from poorly laced shoes, and than the fogginest of extreme fatigued and poor race performances that would start up in September & October.
These are not excuses but elements outside of my control that I spent too much time trying to control or rather focusing on which distracted me from my goals.
Goal #1 - Let go of the things I can not control and pray that I can still do my best given any circumstance. Know that any obstacle is just a test to see how bad I  want it. Be happy with any outcome as long as I am giving it my all both physically and mentally. 
Stop the worrying and focus on what you can control.
Goal #2 - Have the courage to change the things that need changing. There are several things I need to change so that can focus on this next stage of my goal. Limit distractions, stay in the moment, appreciate what is, stay positive in all circumstances, do more of the little things and always remember my purpose.
courage to change
Goal #3 - Pray for wisdom and guidance to make the right decisions on this path and trust that the answers I receive are divine guidance. Let go of control and do not worry and TRUST.
trust yourself.
Something I relearned on my cruise from all the amazing Jamiacan crew onboard -
Don't worry, man :-)
Don't Worry - Be Happy

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