Thursday, December 13, 2012

Love Shall Set You Free

This blog should really be titled: Leap of Faith: Part 2 

Although love is what made this day possible for me. When fear and doubt started pressing on me, I prayed and stayed in faith and what replaced was lots of love that gave me the courage I needed to get out there.

I did have this initial fear that due to lack of training, I might fall apart out there on the course especially when the weather forecast came in but I had to block it out. I think what made it easier to block out when I had so much love and support.

Here is a picture of me at my PT office just 2 days before the race where I was greeted with so much love and they made this awesome hat for me that read Go Jamie and one of my favorite quotes from Raplh Waldo Emerson - Nothing great was ever done without Enthusiasm  I received so many hugs and well wish and got the biggest most loving hug from the gentlemen there in the background. He had so much strength in that hug that I knew that all would be well. For me, it was like God saying do not worry all will be well. That suppressed any fears that tried to come up.

Than the next day, I had to leave on my own to drive the 3 hrs without the usual support of my family. Okay anyone that knows my family has a good idea that Nick is my rock and to be leaving without him and doing this thing without his presence was causing my chest to constrict. I was sure I was going to have a panic attack trying to get myself out the door and on the road. Alas just at the moment, I needed to leave I received a call from my closet friend wishing me well and coaxing me out the door. Without that call, I am sure I would have been clinging to the front door for hours trying get myself to leave. As I got in my car, I saw few text messages from close friends wishing me well and which gave  the courage to open that door and get my arse driving and than I saw the card on sitting my dashboard from my husband - urging me to go, have fun and that I was in his thoughts. I literally bawled while driving for the first hour. I was crying not because I was sad because I felt this overwhelming sense of love and when I dwelled in that place my heart knew what I was doing was right. After the tears were dried and my heart was open, what remained was peace. No fear, No doubt..just peace and calm. When I prayed for strength to give me the courage to do this thing, God sent me love by way of family and friends support.

It really was all the love, well wishes and prayers you all set me that gave the courage and peace to get out there and be happy. I learned that there is something bigger than fear - it is LOVE. That in order to overcome fears we must dwell in love and know that we need each other and sometimes a simple note telling someone that they are in your thoughts and you are wishing them well is enough to proper them to were they need to be.



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