Monday, April 29, 2013

Focus on your GOLD

So focus on positive things!

So after having a blah moment or rather days, I knew I needed to turn my focus to what is good and GOLD about my current circumstances.

I looked at my splits post Boston on Friday for the first time ever. I never looked at them during the race and totally disregarded pace in favor of effort and focusing on fun. I was pleasantly surprised as I wasn't as slow as I thought given the finishing time. And for having an elevated TSH not so bad. I will  admit to being very thankful in being lead to believe that my TSH was normal going into Boston. Had I know or even thought my hormone level was going to be off in the days before hand than Boston might had been a very different experience for me. So I am thanking my lucky stars for having this small gift of ignorance.

Mile 1 - 8:26
Mile 2 - 8:12
Mile 3 - 8:20
Mile 4 - 8:13
Mile 5 - 8:20
Mile 6 - 8:19
Mile 7 - 8:16
Mile 8 - 8:36 - Stopped for picture
Mile 9 - 8:18
Mile 10  - 8:27
Mile 11 - 8:25
Mile 12 - 8;23
Mile 13 - 9:26 - Stopped 2 times for pictures in Welleseley  - AWESOME Mile
Mile 14 8;10
Mile  15 8:40 - First  Big Hill
Mile 16 8:11
Mile 17 8:56 - BIG HILL
Mile 19 8:42
Mile 20 9:01 - Boston College - Stopped for picture
Mile 21 10:03 - HEARTBREAK!! Stopped for picture at the very top, helped a girl run up hill that her hips where locking up

Mile 22 9:10
Mile 23 8:56
Mile 24 - 9:15 - Had to slow down to watch out for family - knew they would be between mile 24-25 so I had slow to watch out for them
Mile 25 - 9:15 - Saw family, stopped for hugs and kisses
Mile 26 8:00-  crying all the way in :-)

So big win for me was NO muscle soreness or aches or pains - Quads held up and were ready for the thrashing! I ran and finished with a high TSH, I stayed positive, I enjoyed the moment, I met a couple of great gals and I achieved a goal I had set years ago.

I have a BQ in my pocket for next year! So I hope to go back next year and run a strong race with a healthy body.

I have made a coaching change in the last weeks. I am very excited about this change as my current coach has undergone through thyroid issues and understands them very well. Oh that fact he is the one of the best distance runners in the entire country is sort of cool too :-)

Focus on.positive

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