Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Resting, Waiting and Taking care of Thyroid

I am officially in a 2 week rest period where I have been instructed to do not much and NO exercise - less is more right now. I had to clarify though if walking, pilates and yoga are exercise and again told less is more. We are waiting to see if my body self-regulated itself thyroid wise. My TSH going to Boston was not optimal at all but nowhere near the rock bottom state I was in my overdosed state. Without hormone replacement my TSH would continue to climb steady to an elevate state.  I have felt that deep fatigue this past week but hard to determine if it was the marathon and events preceding that sent me back into the fatigue or if my sluggish thyroid was involved. I went in for more bloodwork today and it will be the truest results yet and give us the most information related to my thyroid and running.

Here is a fascinating article this was such published  as lately the running world has been a buzz with the thyroid drama - best explained in this blog by Steve Magness http://www.scienceofrunning.com/ For anyone that is interested my condition. If not, please feel free to disregard.

I have hopes of really getting more answers and fixable solutions to running health. I am very hopeful as much of this research and information coming out  from greats like Ryan Hall who has thyroid issues and gluten issues. It gives me hope that it can be worked out and I can get back to running well one day soon.

I am excited that all the answers I will need will be coming in the weeks ahead and the direction that my coach is taking with my training.   I believe that all is well and happening as it should.


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