Thursday, April 4, 2013

The Quiet before the Storm


Seriously tapers are weird! 11 days out and I am as mellow as a kitty sitting in the sun without a care in the world. Last week I was hyped, elated, and ecstatic about the 3 week mark. This week that enthusiasm is still there somewhere but I think it is resting with the rest of my body and mind. After the hype of the 3 week and last long run, I sort of settled into rest the mind and body routine. It is a weird place to be sort like the quiet and mellowness before the rush of next week. I know that by no means is a good thing to be jazzed and wired to thinking about Boston this week (too much thinking can lead to over-thinking) but part me is like what is wrong with you? Boston is coming and you are so should be doing happy dances every 15 minutes. Alas, I am not and I am chilled out, tucked away in my own little mellow world where thoughts of Boston float in and out my head on occasion but I have not dwell too much on it.

I am however very excited about my training Post-Boston. These last couple of weeks of running well and getting in some good workouts was has had me loving training again. I do plan to take 2 weeks off post-Boston to recovery and track my TSH to see how long post marathon it takes my TSH to stabilize. It will be interesting and to see if I need a very small hormone boost to get the TSH to stay stable. Either way I am hopeful.

It is very interesting a few articles/blogs have come to light about the effects of training and the rampant thyroid issues in the elite & sub-elite ranks. There is not a lot of research or support out there for these issues so maybe with some high profile runners finally talking openly about it, everyday runners that find themselves with thyroid issues, we have more information and support.

This a blog an Olympian struggling with the same issue as myself and his detailed account of how devastating it had been on him and his running and how he is bouncing back.


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