Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Keep on Running

I got a call from Dr yesterday with some great news on my labs. Things have taken a turn for the better. My TSH is coming down rather lowering and my thyroid antibodies which is the marker for autoimmune disorder has normalized. So basically with a Gluten Free Diet and some other nutritional adjustments my body is healing. Yippee! The TSH is still slightly high but a very low dose of hormone should help get me normalized & optimal. Labs did reveal another issue low B12 levels which can be addressed with supplements. WOW!!

I feel really happy about this news. It is exciting to see that 6 months gluten free does make a HUGE difference. I mean HUGE!!!

Where I go from is only up! I have been running well. Run after run I am feeling more confident and like myself running. I am always pleasantly surprised when I feel good running which is basically every run since like I started training for Grandmas like 5 weeks ago. Consistently feeling good and making improvements. Who knows what is in store for me in just a couple of weeks!

Who know but I will keep on running!!!! Cause I love it!!

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  1. Great news, Congrats! Good luck at Grandmas!