Monday, June 17, 2013

Leap before you look!

You know something that is told to us somewhere as children and we carry through life is Look before you Leap. But what if that is totally the wrong way to go about things? With caution and hesitation? What if we just suppose to leap before we look? And trust that life will catch us? Trust that it will all work out along the way? That we do not have to have the answers before we start. That we do not have to all of stars aligned perfectly. That we do not have to know the hows and whos of it but just trust that those things will come to us at the very point we will need them.

I thought about this as I made way to the track this weekend. Up early, driving to the track not knowing if it will be locked or a team using it. I just went knowing that it would work itself out in any matter. I walked up to the track at 6:30AM, the sun was just rising  and no one was there but sure enough all the gates were locked. I walk around to the back of the track where you can climb the fence and jump in. Low and behold there was a chair next to the fence to ease my way into the track. Ah! Trust that these things always work out.

Another thing that got me really thinking about Leaping before you look was this journey to Grandmas. When I agreed to run Grandmas, I was still deep in thyroid yuck and was not even sure that I would get back to training. I was physically the heaviest I had been since giving birth to my youngest and I was physically not in the best shape and mentally I was up and down trying to get a rein on all my emotions post-Boston. But I lept and life has been working itself on the way.

Now I am here the happiest and healthiest, I have been in a long time. So mystified about this phenomenon that you do not have to look before you leap. You can just leap!!! I have no idea what will happen in Duluth and that is part of life. Leaping into uncertainty. I am going to Leap and trust that life knows the best way.

Leap away people! 

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