Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Smile - It is part of your jounrey

You know there is sign in front of my favorite treadmill at the Y where it reads SMILE. It is actually an ad for a dentist on a magazine rack but in bold letters all you can see from the treadmill is Smile. I love this treadmill for this purpose. It helps me remember this is fun and I love this stuff even when I am grinding miles in the summer on the treadmill. I am doing what I love and that is something to SMILE about. I am so fortunate to know what is I am after and have the time and resources to get after it.

Even when there are bumps in the road, I need to remember my smile as it is part of my journey. You can not have the good without the bad. That is life! It is the contrast that makes everything so sweet and savory.

I accept all the bumps as part of my journey and know that life is always working out for me. I trust Life! I smile at everything and love every bit of my journey.

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