Sunday, June 2, 2013

Can you say Taper again....

trust the process

20 Days to Grandmas :-) Yes I am counting down and really looking forward to this marathon. I feel this quiet confidence building and excitement to run a marathon when I am healthy. Am I healthy? Who knows for sure but I am feeling the best I have felt in a long, long, long time. So I guess I will go with I AM HEALTHY!!!

I ran my 20 miler on Friday and it was the strongest and fastest long run in quiet some time. I never felt tired and felt really positive the entire way through.

This biggest growing point is I have learned to let go  more and trust more. Not being not so concerned about paces but just get out & do the work I love day after day. Run more with people that make me happy and throw pace out the window and just enjoy. Concentrate first on doing what I love and let itself work itself out. Let the love that I have for running be first and foremost.

Enjoy the process. Be in the process. Trust the process. Love the process.

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