Saturday, May 18, 2013

Be Healthy

If you read this blog, you would have noticed that I haven't been writing in it very often. I am not sure why as I love using this blog to get out my thoughts and share my journey.  I have had lots of thoughts but I have not really been inspire to write something profound or deep for me in a while. Yes, I have been thinking those thoughts but I think I am really in a place of personal reflection and growth as well as focusing on my health - body, mind and spirit.

I am have been spending lots of my time and energy solving the autoimmune puzzle. Yes I am running but running is not my sole focus at the moment. My attention has been divided and I have been delving dipper into nutrition as medicine and for healing. The thing about autoimmune diseases is that they do not go away with a pill. They are lifelong management of something that can be a little thing with occasional issues or if all the issues are not addressed they are get bad and quality of life can suffer. And if you have one autoimmune disease chances are you can/will get another. So for me, my health and connecting all my health dots has taken center stage.

So that is where I am at but I am running and running better than I have in a long time. I am really pleased with the direction of my training and new coachs principles//guidance. I feel blessed to have have him help me guide me back to where I want to be.

I am more focused on the process of getting well and hoping the running well will be a result of feeling well. I once to read that you get to happy from happy. Novel thought right? Anyway thinking along the same lines you get to running well by feeling well something like happy soul = healthy body.

Focus on Change not only results

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