Thursday, May 23, 2013

Grandmas Marathon 4 weeks Away!!

Grandma's Marathon - Duluth, Inc. - Duluth, Minnesota

So I have yet to really tell many people about my trip to Duluth, Minnesota in 4 weeks! I was suppose to run this race last year and when a dear friend started talking about maybe going this year. I signed up right along side of her. Really having no clue to what kind of shape I would be in running-wise and health-wise, just sort of a leap of faith. It felt right and everything lined up perfectly so it was a done deal.

I had a chat with Steph yesterday about it and we are both having similar feelings at the 4 week mark. What did we get ourselves into!!! I woke up on Monday to feeling groggy & foggy which just sent me into a tailspin. I started questioning my decision and what the heck was I doing when I had no idea what the status of my thyroid is at the moment. I am not medicated on hormones and really taking it day by day. So on Monday after not being shake the fogginess and fearing my thyroid was diving again, I freaked out on my coach, I freaked out on my husband, I freaked out on myself out. This little panic of fear lasted pretty much till today. last night I had some clear headed conversations with some amazing & supportive friends. Funny how friends can help you see your way back from a freak out episode. I am so blessed to have friends that can see me in my nuttiness of times and without judgement help me back to myself.

So with a little more pep in my step today! I am trying to get my head back on straight. I need to get my hopes up that I will be healthy in June! I need to expect great things and know that they are on there way.  I need to get excited about this awesome adventure with one of my closest friends. No doubt it will be a trip of memories.

"Get your hopes up. Raise your expectations. Your best days are still in front of you." -Joel Osteen

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