Thursday, May 9, 2013

Little Changes

Every day is a new opportunity to start over. New Goal: To change one single thing (no matter how small) every. single. day. All of those little changes add up!

I feel like I need to write something although I do not have anything that is particularly on my mind. I thought I would start writing and see what comes. And Nothing...

Oh let me see....I am back to running. And I am back to waking up of full of awesome..And I am more focused than I was 2 weeks ago..I am making progress on understanding more and more about Hashimotos and listening to my body. And I am using nutrition to heal my body and fuel it properly for running. I am back to hoping for a comeback in 2013.

New coach, new training & new possibilities.

Lots of  little changes.....Fact remains is I am still chasing my dream! I am confident that everything is unfolding perfectly. I am very thankful to have a hold of what I am suppose to be doing and happy of all the lessons this journey is teaching me.

Living the dream is even more!

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