Monday, May 27, 2013

Keep Going Until

It is a MARATHON not a sprint!  On days when I am not perfect, I need to remember just how far I have come!

How many times would you be willing to take the fall in your pursuit of your goal? How many times would you be willing to look a fool in pursuit of your goal? How many times would you hope and dream not to have those hopes come true in the way you wished with all your heart they would happen?

For me the answer is so simple, as many times as it takes. Keep going UNTIL you reach your goal.

I seriously am at the place where I have worked so hard and gone through so much that I do not think there is ever a point where I would be diverted from my goal.

This whole journey leaves me with a greater sense of self belief. I believe in myself to never give up and believe in myself that I will make the right decisions on my way to my goal.

If I didn't give up during the hardest of times. When running was painful and my head was battling thoughts of  this feels so bad - why are you doing this? I did it! I gutted out so many runs that where physically difficult and emotion & mental torture yet I never stopped. This has developed a mental strength in me no amount of training could ever give me. No marathon specific workout can prepare you to gut out the bad patches - only life can truly give you the experience of "never give up" so that you can translate that experience one day into something amazing.

Rise again.

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  1. Very inspiring. Thanks for the reminder that patience and perseverance are key- even when it seems like that goal will never come.