Friday, May 4, 2012

Big Workout

I have a HUGE workout this AM before we leave for our cruise. It has my nerves going crazing this AM more so than a race would. It is one of those key workouts that really set you up for success down the road. I have done a similar workout several times but this workout is a bit different as the paces are aggressive and the volume is much higher than before. I have always done well in this workout but I think with the lack of appetite this week, training in the heat and my mind being everywhere and less focused specifically on training so I think this is why I am left feeling anxious this AM. I am praying I have enough energy in the tank for this workout. I need to remember to enjoy the workout, relax and stay calm when I start to feel uncomfortable. This note is more of a pep talk to myself to get my mind in the right mindset to do well and shake the nerves off. I read once that you can't be fearful (anxious) at the same time as being grateful. So I will focus on my blessings while doing my warm-up which should help me keep the right mindset going to the workout. Here is the workout - 3 Mile W/U 3 X 3 @ 7:15-7:30 with half mile recovery 3 Mile C/D Jamie - GO GET AFTER IT!!!

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