Monday, May 21, 2012

I like Ice

If you hang out with me like my trusty running pal and race travel companion, Kim, you know that I like ICE. I bring ice with us or stop for ice on the way home. If you are a neighbor or family member, you have also witnessed my obsession with ice. I am always icing something somewhere and in random places. I maybe sitting on my porch enjoying watching my kids play but I will be icing something. My neighbors have gotten past the "oh what is wrong?" - they know it is just crazy Jamie icing a minor ache and nothing to worry about. To my husbands dismay, our freeze is almost always empty of ice and I always looking for ways to make more ice. I like Ice Baths, I like Ice packs and I like Ice Cups for ice massages. Really it is crazy I am sure but it has been a growing obession that has allowed me to recover quickly from workouts and ache & pains so that I can keep running. Once my husband did buy me a $200 Ice machine for a Mothers Day present but I insisted it was too much and he return it. I am thinking I was crazy cause in the past 2 years I have probably spent that much on ice at the gas station. hehe Anyway that is all for the day is I like Ice.

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