Wednesday, May 2, 2012

It's a strange struggle

As I lay awake awoken from hunger at 3AM last night, I was thinking about this strange struggle that I seem to have that I can't find many distance runners have and trying to think of a solution. Hunger!! That is my frustration as a distance runner. Yet it is not the constant hunger that many runners have but the lack thereof of hunger especially when I have high training volume. Food becomes the last night on my mind and I have no hunger yet I know I need to be fueling constantly to keep up my energy, protect my immune system and help my body adapt to the stress of training and recovery properly. When I was awoken last night, I went scrogging for some good carbs and a little protein that I could sleep on :-) I managed a cheese stick, banana and some animal cracker cookies with milk. I was not about to cook up some spagetti although I did lay awake thinking how good that spagetti would make my runs today feel. The thing is this type of hunger is rare for me to feel. I have a hard time consuming 3000 calories a day + depending on the demands of my runs. I feel like most of the time I am force feeding myself sort of like in the first trimester of your pregnancy when food is the last night you think you can ingest but yet you have too. Not a fun relationship..My solution thus far has been to drink my calories but they don't make a Gatorade PLUS version so you can get lots of extra carbs/calories. Too bad that would be great for me :-) I drink lots of Gatorade, cherry juice, other juices, whey protein drinks & smoothies. It seems like I am only runner with this problem and the reason I stress about it is cause I want to be improving and not get sick because my immune system is disfunctional cause I am not taking in enough carbohydratyes. I know it is just part of the training process and I will learn to manage my nutrition better so that I getting in enough to fuel runs, recover and support a healthly immune system. Until then I will contiune drinking my gatorade. I have a feeling next week the liquid calories of will be coming from Pina Coldas!!! I keep thinking next week I will not be having a problem getting in the calories. I will be sailing... Any good tips?

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