Thursday, May 24, 2012

Midweek Meltdown Prevented

I think this picture pretty much sums how I have felt since Tuesday. The big weekend of demands, big running and last week of school had me on the verge yesterday.

I woke up with my hips feeling totally off and my right groin & left glute sore & achy. Frick! Just when things were moving along nicely. Tried not to freak out as I had an appt with my PT and I was hoping he could sort it out before my run. He worked on me pretty good as my left hip was rotated and causing the glute and right leg to not function correctly. Whatever the cause he went to work and found my left Itband was not track properly. Oh dear! I felt like a hot mess. I felt like I had done everything I in the past weeks to keep my body running great. Yes, I will admit to not doing much on the cruise and the stairs walking several times a day probably caused the ITband tracking issue.

Anyway he worked to get me fixed up but told I must come back today after my runs to see how things were functioning. I felt awkward and slow during my 6 easy miles. Glute was sore and inner groin was achy. I was on high alert which didn't make the run that enjoyable but I was happy to done with it withour further aggravating the issue. Emotionally it tooks it toll on me though by late afternoon I had Jeff on the line talking me down from my freak out epidsode. Lately I have been hearing about everyone and their mother with in injury. Maybe it is the spring time that has more people putting in miles but this awareness did get to me. I let fear in a bit too much yesterday. I think hitting 78 miles this week which will be a mileage PR and the 5th week hitting 70s had me nervous. I can't say why but it was freaking me out. Jeff assured me that my body handles all these miles better than most so while he can't offer any promises he did say with my diglence and care he is not worried at all. Phewy...all he sees that the glute,hip, groin thing as something I just have to work through just like I would had I been running 60 miles.

I happy to report that this AMs 10 easy was noticeable better. While the glute still felt a bit weird, mostly tight feeling, the groin pain was gone and ITband seems to back were it suppose to be. I went back my PT for some more patch work before the next few days of runs. He did some more work and I feel worlds better. Like my hips are back to were they are suppose to be and groin pain gone with minor lingering glute pain. Ice, Ice, Ice baby :-) Right...

Deep breathe and exhale - everything is going to be okay. I have 4 easy miles this easy miles this evening and good post run AIS routine. Sleep and Tempo in the AM.

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