Thursday, May 3, 2012

Getting After it

I have a few doubles this week and it has been hard to get them in the evenings especially with the temp here reaching 90 around 5-6PM and only coming down maybe a few degrees by 7PM. Additionally we in the Dodge household have short timers syndrome with the cruise in a couple of days so I am not as geeked to lace up my shoes to run that second run in the heat. So last night after dinner was prepared and kids were eating, I set off to go for my run but just couldn't push myself out the door into the inferno that awaited me. I would chat a bit with Nick and he would say aren't you going? Go already, I got things here...Ugh! I told him to tell me "Go Get After it". Out of frustration with me procrasting, he willingly obliged and told me to Get After it. The kids thought it was funny so they started yelling "Mommy - Go Get After it". How could I not go now that the kids were cheering me out the door. I blew them kisses and yelled Mommy is going to get after it as I opened the front door. I left the house smiling big and it totally changed my attitude about running in the heat. Got it done! Came home to them being proud of me :-) In a way this training thing is truly a family effort!!

1 comment:

  1. Yes, go get after it! So cool that your family supports you. Hey, send me your addy. You won the tube of nuun. :) xo