Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mothers Day

I am often asked from other runners, family/friends or inquiring minds - "what am I training for?" or What race am I preparing for?" Depending on the asking party, I may give a quick & easy answer - I have XYZ in a few months. Or you may get one of these hug smiles on my face as I ponder my answer and it may just be a long, deep, spiritual and philosophical answer. My training focus for a specicifc race has shift to a very long term approach to training where no one race defines my training cycle and this freedom has brought lots joy to my training and life. I have learn to "see the forest through the trees". This is truly a gift and has brought an element to my training and life where I can value progress and not the perfection of the all elusive perfect race and HUGE PR that all runnerss dream of. Chasing PR's can be somewhat defeating process. The shift to focus on progress and sometimes progress of immearusable things such as overcoming a rough patch in a training run or race or conquering a fear or doubt is where my focus is centered and when I am able to do these things I feel like I am moving closer and closer to where my heart seeks to be. By truly being the best me and developing not only my running abilities but my personal growth I feel like I can pass on a beautiful legacy to my children. Happy Mothers Day to you and hope you all are striving to be best you!!!

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