Tuesday, May 22, 2012

When nothing is going right ...Go LEFT

I woke up this morning quite discombulated and beyond tired. I think this issue was taking a Tylneol PM (sleeping pill) the night before. I hadn't slept well at all in the last few days due to having a full schedule. The end of the school demands have left me a bit frazzled and I needed a good nights sleep. Little did I know that cost a solid nights sleep would be a morning of epic fogginess. I tried to get myself out of this fog by drinking as much coffee as I could prior to my workout which equaled to 3 cups - 1 more cup than my required 2 cups.

The fogginess lead to forgetfuliness as well scattered thinking and doing. It wasn't so bad until I started getting ready for my workout. All my running clothes that I like to wear were dirty. I couldn't figure out why as just done a load on Friday. Than it came to me later, I had run 5 times in the last 3 days which would account for my favorites being dirty. I had to settle on some older running gear - c'est la vie. Than went to get Garmin and it was dead on the charger - awesome. Finally get out the door and I realzie I left my written out workout on the counter so I head back to -get it and couldn't find my cars keys I spent 20 minute looking for car keys that I had left in the door. UGH!! I just needed to start running and everything would be okay so I thought..I started my warm- up and felt off. Blah was all I could think..I chugged along managing something like 9:30 pace and was like thinking of how bad I felt and I would have to message Jeff that I had to run easy and not do the workout cause I was just OFF. Than I started my strides and first couple were awkward and slow but the 3rd & 4th were very smooth and fast. WOW - I decided to give this workout a shot.

2 W/U, 2@6:50, 12 X 400 @ 1:30-1:40 w/60 second rest, 2@ 7:00, 2 mile C/D

First 2 miles at 6:50 - I felt surprisely smooth and did not go anaerobic. Than the 12 400s were almost easy after the 2 miles - what was more awesome was how easy 7 minute pace felt after the 400s. I sent Coach Jeff a note on the workout and guess what those last 2 miles were suppose to be a struggle and simulate late race fatigue.

I think what is happening is all the miles are finally starting to kick in after 2 months of high mileage. I think the speed & strength have been there for a while the aerobic capacity to handle the speed was lacking for some time. Now I feel like they have come together...I am pleasantly surprised on how my morning of everything going wrong turned into a most awesome workout.

Running more and more miles in the 6 minute range no longer freaks me out.

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