Monday, June 25, 2012

Do the hard work

Gosh I am feeling all inspired to write more of my thoughts.

I was thinking of this topic while grinding out 8 lovely miles on a very hot AM. Say 80ish with high humidity. Luckily I was running a trail that provided lots of shade, a nice breeze and lots of wildlife. Anyway it was a hard run in that it was not the most comfortable feeling as sweat was rolling off me saturating my clothes and I could feel the wheezing of my lungs trying to gather some oxygen but at the same time there several things about it the made it doable like I said shade, breeze and wildlife.

So an easy 8 miles that was a bit uncomfortable made me think of this of a quote I had come across "Do the Hard Work". Sometimes we wait for all the conditions to be perfect to get after it. It has been my experience that the conditions for chasing your dreams are rarely ideal. For me, I have had to come to accept the summer time training conditions as they are and commit to doing the work. All of it - the hard work especially of gutting out those miles in tough conditions.

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