Monday, June 25, 2012

Using your gifts

Do you know your gifts? Are you using your gifts?

I think the most powerful and amazing feeling is knowing your gifts, honoring your gifts and using them. The joy of finding them and using them is amazing. It gives you the courage not to compare your gifts to others gifts. It allows a since of pride in what God has given you. You do not wish for different gifts or gifts that are not yours.

I honor my gifts by using them daily and knowing that I am perfect as God created me. I do not need to punish myself for not being like someone else. I accept that I that I have gifts that others do not have and they have gifts that I do not have. I celebrate my gifts while celebrating their gifts. Not judging myself or them for not sharing in the same gifts.

I think as mothers & women we can often get in a trap of comparing our journey and gifts to other mothers/women. I see this so often in the community I live in. I celebrate the uniqueinss of the stay at home mom who takes extra pride in the decorating of her home, the dress of her children and rpide she takes in partiticpating at the school activities. I celebrate the working mom who strives to balance a career with the demands of motherhood. But I also celebrate my uniqueniess as a mom & women. My gift is not in creating a Martha Stewart life for my family or children. My gift is in setting a example and role model of going after your dreams and overcoming obstacles and doing it with passion and love. Those are my gifts to my children and family. I embrace them and know it why I was put in on this earth. I do not measure myself again other women and mothers but I measure myself against how much love, passion, courage I show my children & family day in and day out. Lessons are caught not taught - I must be in life what I hope my children are in their life. Courageous, Strong and Willing to fight the good fight for whatever passion stirs in their hearts.

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  1. Beautiful thoughts! Such a gift to be able to recognize our gifts. :) And then use them.