Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Training Pause Maybe??

Today I had a big workout planned that I was sort of scared of. It was 2X3 miles @7:05-6:55 pace. Yep that is faster than I just ran that 5K. I was preparing for it by not thinking too much about it as to not let it freak me out. There is something soothing about a warm-up that helps calm the nerves a bit. During the stride portion of my warm-up, I noticed one of my calf muscles feeling funky. Nothing too concerning but noticeable.

I decided to take this work out indoors on the treadmill as to get away from the mid-morning heat. Plus I really like having water on hand.

Okay jumped on and hit 8.6 on the treadmill and went sailing through the first one pretty easily but I was starting to feel that calf muscle. With one mile left, I dropped the pace 8.8 which is 6:53. Just want to finish this off and stretch the tighting calf.

4 minute rest to stretch and calf was tight and a little tender. I made the call to get through the workout on it and said a prayer I was not going to do any damage.

Killed the second 3 mile interval mostly because I wanted to get off the calf sooner than later. Run first miles @ 7:03, second @ 6:58 and third @ 6:53.

Now to attend to the calf. Yes, sore to the touch after run and funky to walk on. Luckily I had a pre-scheduled massage this afternoon. She went to town on my calf muscles which were in need of some deep work as they had been negilent for 2 months. Especially needed the work with sn increase in speed & sprint work that demands more out of the calf especially in racing flats on the track.

Coach Jeff thinks it is going to be fine with maybe one day off or two days to let the muscle fibers heal. Since I have had only 1 rest day since my cruise in May, he thinks it will do more good than harm to rest so I can be strong for the weekend. I am hoping it feels good tomorrow so I can run easy as it suppose to be like the nicest and coolest AM that we have had in 2 months. 55 with low humidity folks!!! Please, Please, Please do not have me resting on a day like that!! What the kicker is that our weather is going to be like 100 + over the weekend so I was looking forward to enjoying a run before I had to gut it out in the tough conditions of this weekend.

So I lay here with my compression socks on thinking positive & healing thoughts.

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