Friday, June 22, 2012

You must do the thing you think you can not do!

There is a Eleanor Roosevelt saying which includes the phrase "you must do the thing you think you can not do"!

Well tomorrow I am going to face a fear head on! I am pretty proud of myself from no longer hiding from it and have replaced the fear & anxiety with curisoity.

I am sure you may be thinking what am I going on about! Tomorrow I am going to race a 5K!! Yeah - The 5K is the big bad wolf in my mind and it time to tell the wolf I am longer afraid of it. To that end the 5K in heat & humidity is sure to have had me turning in the opposite directions. No sir not tomorrow!!! It will be me, that 5K with plenty of heat and humidity and NO WATCH! I will racing with no watch - completely on effort. I am no longer going to let a garmin tell me what my body knows how to do. The watch is not going tell me to speed up or slow down. I am going to listen to my body, be in the moment and chase down some competitors. Come what may, I am sure to be happy with my performance if I can stay in the moment and let my body run fast.

I can not expect to become the runner I want to be by hiding from the one race distance that had freaked me out.

I have always been able to do well at the marathon distance, maybe outperform for my fitness level by in the past I have always underperformed in the 5K.

I need to be face up to it so I can keep growing as a person and a runner. Tomorrow I grow!

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