Saturday, June 23, 2012

Good in a different way

So I did it and pretty proud of myself. I had an amazing day and not an amazing PR sort of day but in a day where I can be happy that I accomplish what I set out to do. Not all runs are about PRs anyways...

I woke-up more nervous than I am usually am about a race and that feeling of why am I doing this hit a couple of times. I kept settling those thoughs with thoughts like it is what you are meant to be doing and it is going to be good. Trying to get that brave face that I had yesterday. And I knew it was a muggy AM as just walking around the house you could almost since the muggy air outside. I kept trying distract myself with other thoughts beside the weather conditions. I even covered the temp gauge on my car dashboard.

Arrived at race parking a bit later due to not exactly knowing where to go so I hurried to do race day registeration and get in my warm-up which I had to cut short by a mile due to time constraints. I had just enough time to drop my watch in my car and get to race start.

I lined up and my mind was sort of blank. I can't even think of the thoughts that were in my head but atleast I know I was not focusing on the heat & humidity. We were off straight up a steady uphill climb which leveled out somewhere before the first mile marker, my breathing was a bit strained so I slowed up a bit and focused on relaxing over the next 2 miles of rolling hills, nothing to big but a steady rolling and just after the 2 mile marker I started working to pick people off that was my only focus. I knew I was in a good place when my breathing was relaxed and everyone I was passing was laboring hard for breath. As I passed a gal, she said good job and than I started to encourage her to come with me. It was really nice cause in a way we worked to help each other in. She fell off behind in the final push in but held strong enough only finish 9 seconds off me.

I finished 22:17 which is a PR. Since I have not raced a 5K in a year since I bomb very badly at Blue Points last summer with a 23:35 finishing time. I know that I am way fitter than the 5K represents but hey what can you do when temp is 76 degrees & 90% humditiy and dewpoint over 70. Plus I am training though this race with no race specific work to get me in specficially ready for this race. I am pleased..did I hope for more? Yes! Does my coach think I am way better shape than this number represents? Yes If I had worn a watch, would i have pushed harder if I knew the spilts and distance? Maybe but maybe not ....but I know I ran the best I could with the conditions that I had today and even manage to make a friend and push her to a PR. So not a bad!

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