Friday, September 14, 2012

Are you being pushed or you being pulled?

I had this thought while running today about chasing your goals or dreams.

Are you being pushed or pulled is something that came to mind? Being pushed implies forced against your will or desire and on the other hand being pulled has more of feeling of nonresistant.

I think on days like this AM for me when the allergens are high & I felt really bad energy level-wise, headachy and chest feeling tight there was a thought on how I have to run 9 miles feeling this bad but I let my thoughts of my dreams and what I want to accomplish pull me out the door and onto the road to find that I didn't feel that bad and I am actually a pretty tough cookie. I didn't feel push to do it but I rather feel like strings were pulling me towards something bigger and shutting out the oh but you feel like craps that were trying to take over in my head.

Ah! I came home just feeling so happy that my dreams are big enough and strong enough to have such a strong pull that it can resist fatigue, sickness, excuses, fears, and doubts.

If you feel like your life is pushing you around rather it pulling in the right direction, you may want to sit down with yourself and listen to your heart a bit. It will never led you astray.

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