Sunday, September 16, 2012

I ran slow

This AM on my long run I wasn't feeling very good at all. A little fatigued from 4 weeks in the 70s, well over 5 weeks without a day off, emotional fatigue from the fall out of working through yesterday's disappointment, allergies keeping me pretty tired, chest not recovered from yesterdays asthma attack(still have a tight chest & coughing), you name it..I didn't feel great and about 2 miles in I was contemplating turning around and going home declaring to husband and coach that I am tired, sad and I did not want to push myself for 2hrs. I was just going to do 3 miles and go home in defiance as I could not get by body to run faster than 10 minute pace. When I relaxed and let my body decide easy pace all of sudden I could breath, I felt comfortable, I felt normal running, I felt like ah I like running..ha! I remember an article I rad by elite women runner who clocked a 2:37 marathon time in Houston saying she let easy be easy and let her body decide what easy was for that day sometimes it would have her at 9 minutes and sometimes at 8 minutes but she never fretted over her easy cause she killed her hard days. So today I took this to heart and let my body decide easy, I never glanced at pace and just ran with an occasion look at distance. Wow I finished my run feeling super and relaxed and not fatigued.

I ran 13 miles in 2:05 - I won't reference the garmin for exact splits cause it hardly matters. I completed the distance and will be all the better for it. I'd say that is a much better outcome than forcing my body to run a pace it was not up for and calling it a day 3 miles in cause I felt like crap.

I have 2 more weeks of hard work ahead till I get those day off :-)

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