Friday, September 21, 2012

Looking forward to breathing free & clear

Alas the temps are starting to really plummet here in the Carolinas. Morning running temps are now 60s-70s and much more enjoyable. I remember dreaming about these days in July & August. What would it feel like to run in the 60s? What would it feel like to run in cool to cold air. Well we haven't got that cool just yet but I am back to enjoying most runs.

Everyone describes what tends to happen to runners that train through the deep heat & humidity of the south as soon as the cool weather sets in your are going to feel so so so fast. Tempo pace will all of sudden feel like easy pace. Oh no, not so fast for me, I have yet to feel that fast feeling yet. I think even with the AM runnings a bit lower temps the humidity has still been a good 80-100% still add in high pollen and my chest is struggling to not cave in on easy pace runs.

I am looking at this as a good thing though. Yes, I would love, love, love to be feeling rockin fast outside but I think the humidity & pollen is keeping me slow which keeps me from going too fast on easy days and lets my body really absorb and recover from the high intensity & high mileage.

So in a way as I was so excited to being using this new fitness and flying through Fall. Not really feeling that awesomely fast has been godsend for my training and late fall racing goals. I am very happy that I have never let my ego push me outside of my easy to stick with the other runners in my fitness range who have been really killing their easy & long runs with impressive times in the summer heat.

So God is just holding me back a bit now so that I can go forward by leaps and bonds.

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