Tuesday, September 25, 2012

My workout days

So summer keep me inside on the treadmill a lot for workouts and than allergy season has also keep me doing more workouts than I would like on the treadmill and fingerscrossed in a week or two most all my workouts can transition to outdoors.

I thought about this while entering the gym to all the familiar faces that are always there when I am there. It very comforting in a way to see the smiles of acknowledgement from others at the Y. They all know I am there to work and work hard. They smile at me while I am grinding out tough miles, they give me the thumbs up, they reposition fans in my direction, and when I step off the treadmill I am blessed to received their smiles again and words of encouragment. I have really come to love these people and it almost like I settle in tough workouts and push harder because my environment is so loving. When I start hitting the road for workouts, I am going to miss my cheer squad. I will go far to say that I think I have made so much progress because the company I have been fortunate enough to have this summer & early Fall.

I was thinking about this while doing a progression run today at the Y. Love is the highest form of energy and I try to concentrate all my thoughts on love during tough miles. I focus on what I love, who I love, what I love, and thank god for all these things which gives me the courage to press and if my mind strays it helps tremendeously to have that sweet older lady pass by me giving a big smile or a Y worker that sees me working giving me the thumgs up - these interactions remind me to focus on the right things.

Today I endured to the tune off -

2.5 W/U

7:35, 7;25, 7;13, 7:03, 6:55, 6:36

2.5 C/D

Much gratitude to all my friends at the Y for so much love and support!!

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