Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Go to work

I have a key workout today that has me all jittery. I guess this feeling is increasing a normal part of the training process especially when you have a coach that increasing pushes you as hard as mine does to me. Sometimes the paces he give me freak me out, not sure why but they do....

Now most everyone prepares for the physical part of a hard training run - eat right, hydrate, warm-up etc..but for me the key in hard workouts is the mental prep I do before a hard workout. Getting yourself in the right frame of mind to do the workout is really key and can be the difference in you killing it or it killing you.

Sometimes the nerves in preparing for a key workout can be overwhelming that you have to work so so so hard to shutdown that negative chatter that seems to intensify as you prepare to do something hard, unknown and grueling.

For me during my warm-up, I am constantly working to shutdown that chatter and know once I get into the work out the nerves will settle. I try too distract my mind during my warm-up cause it can itself so worked up that it distracts me from what I need to be doing. Although the warm-up itself is a nerve soother as well.

I often think that workouts are the days my mind has to work way harder than my body. These are the days that I really test what lies beneath and I think that is where the nerves come from - today will it be there? will I be able to tap into that strength when the hurt sets in? will I be able to suffer a little more today than I did in the last workout? will I be able to shut out that chatter that screams enough? will I be able to relax and stay calm?

I will say a quick pray out loud - Lord Willing I will met the challenge of 10X800 @ 3:05-3:10.

Thank you Lord for the strength, courage and your presence everyday and in everyway.

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