Thursday, September 13, 2012

Got to face up to the fact that I THAT AM FAST

This sounds like such a strange comment but coming to terms with my increasing fitness has paralyzed me a bit.

My training paces have been really increasing lately at first I was freaked by new set of schedules which had a lot of work in the 6 minute range. I am not sure why but that freaks me out because I know I have done the work to get here and the thought of a fantastic marathon is always in my mind. And I have not had a problem doing the work in the 6 minute range but alas there is a part me that does not equate these paces as me being that fast. I still look at runners that I always considered fast with awe and now being in the same ranks of them and seeing myself there is a harder mental transition to make.

This all has been perkalating in my mind over the past couple of weeks but was really brought to forefront of my thoughts with a 10K race I have scheduled for this weekend. I got my pace goals from my coach yesterday and his plan for the race about sunk my tummy! GOAL 42:00-42:30 - OMG! WTF - Goal is go out at 6:50ish and maintain through the 2 miles - miles 3&4 - drop to 6:40 and miles 5&6 work very hard to crush the finish.

Now I have to find the belief that I am that fast. I know the workouts all point to these times, Jeff is NEVER wrong, I believe in him and I trust him, I am stronger than ever, I have my faith and if I hold tight to the faith than come what may I will be good to go on Saturday.

Reminder to me - Let your Faith be bigger than your Fear.

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