Saturday, February 23, 2013

Happy Sad

happy and sad

Happy Sad is a real emotion right? That is how I am feeling today! Both immensely happy to living the life that I set out to live but also still healing from some disappointment. 

I woke up to the sound of my sweet daughters singing voice. Singing this song that we love "Believe it". It was so beautiful to hear in the quiet of the house but this sweet voice humming the lyrics to this song. My heart literally ached as I listened and pour my coffee. I just stood there enjoying the moment with my coffee in hand. Ah Happiness! I went back into my room and asked my husband if he could hear her singing. And we shared of moment of peace and pride in how our daughter could fill a morning with so much joy and love.

Sometimes when we are feeling so vulnerable while healing a broken heart we actually can have the most heightened emotional senses. We feel things so much deeper both the happy and the sad have great depth and meaning. If I wasn't feeling so vulnerable I may never enjoyed that moment for beauty that it held.
It makes me sad that others decide to opt out. When reading this I think of my friend that I've lost. You could have done great things.. Great big things.. I hope you are happy amongst the heavens....

The instinct to hide from hurt is very human or American :-). We may hide by having a drink to num the pain or try to forgot it by occupying our mind with other activities  The pain is there and I think allowing ourselves to feel it will actually allow for ourselves to feel the opposite emotion in a greater capacity & with more appreciation.

So for the day I will allow myself to feel both Happy Sad! 

happiness needs sadness

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