Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Show up

I love this!  Be the best you can be!

6 miles in for the day and that is the last real run before Myrtle Beach!

There is this tiny bit a tightness somewhere in the hip that needs to be cleared up so my stride feels smooth but I confident that my ART guy will be able remove the last bit of restriction tomorrow and my stride will feel amazing.

Ah, not much to say other than I am keeping the faith that whatever form Saturday's run takes it will be exactly the experience that it needs to be to get me to my long-term goals.

Yes, do I hope that I feel great beyond expectations! I think everyone hopes for the magical day when you can run with ease.

I am prepared mentally for both a day where I feel amazing and that if my dots connect I will be able to run like the wind. I am also prepared to enjoy it completely as an easy training run if the run like the wind isn't in the cards. Either way I will show up and be the best me possible.

90% of life is showing up and doing your best. Image from

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  1. This post speaks volumes to me. Thank you for sharing and have a fantastic race this weekend!