Sunday, February 10, 2013

Week in Review


This week was much improved over the week before but still trying to get to the start line of Myrtle Beach Marathon 100% healthy. Cold has pretty much cleared away and the hip is almost back to normal. I have a couple therapy appts this week hoping that will do the trick for Saturday. 

This week was suppose to a bit over 60 miles but I had to cut my run on Tuesday short due to both cold & hip. And I took Saturday off hoping to speed the healing of the hip.

Monday 13 - 6 easy & 6 @ 7:47-6:53, 1 C/D
Tuesday 3 easy + Yoga Class
Wednesday 10 with 8 MP &7:41-7:19
Thursday 6 easy
Friday 10 easy
Saturday OFF
Sunday 10 easy

Total Miles = 52 miles

it's not easy

1 comment:

  1. Great week! Hope that you continue to feel better as Myrtle beach approaches!