Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Is Life Challenging You?

When circumstances that appear in our life that may go against what we want or believe is for the best,   
we need understand even though whatever is uncomfortable or challenging to our minds and body it is the circumstance that allows us to transform, to grow, to become a better version ourselves. It is our challenges that change us! It is the moment that we decide in the face of the circumstances and say defiantly "I will overcome this" that is when we move past the challenge into all that we are meant to be.

I know that in order to achieve my life goals I need to transform constantly, I need to learn the lessons that life is trying to teach me. 

One of the big lessons that is a constant for me is Fall Down, Get Back Up, Stronger, More Resilient, More Determined, and MORE POWERFUL! 

I have learned that you can not be afraid of falling down. You can not be afraid of an outcome that is not of your design. You have to embrace whatever comes your way and know it is for the best! 
Falling down

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