Thursday, February 7, 2013

S'up Girl Midweek

So my cold has eased up and I am finally no longer with the hacking cough that has been driving my poor husband batty! I slept last night without waking up to have a coughing fit!! Woo Hoo! Big win! My hip is improving every day! It is not 100% and I am dancing on a fine line right now but I am confident that all is going to work out as it should so there is no worrying going on here. I have run every day this week not as much mileage as originally planned but a couple decent workouts which is cool to have return to running workouts without irregular heart rate issues from thyroid meds. I feel really good overall like the Jamie before the thyroid went to crazytown.

On Monday, I threw down a 13 miler with last the 6 at MP and yesterday I ran a 10 miles with 8 miles@ MP pace tempo effort both without issue. Hip gets a little tight but it is holding up.

Goal is to get back up to some decent miles this week and than ease off a bit next week and take a rest day to get hip more happy and than run Myrtle Beach Marathon as a training effort. I had hoped when I planned for MB marathon I might be able to lay it out there but without a really good indicator of my fitness and what my heart will do given that strain we are going in with this for fun!

ask and u shall recieve ..ask god and pray 4 him to change people who do not know how to love his animals..pray that they will

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