Tuesday, February 26, 2013

You Gotta Get Back Up!

never give up

Theme and deep thought of my day! While visiting my ART guy for some maintenance work, I said to him I will rise again :-) And he jokingly said that sounds like you are the fallen one. My response was that I have felt like the fallen one.

I am regaining perspective and renewing my spirit with the love and support all my family and friends. Really what would I do without the love of you all that to listen to me sob, listen to my hurt, give me a compassionate loving hug, or encouraging and knowing words that I will come out on the other end of this. For everyone that has taken the time to send notes/phone calls sharing your stories, your support and love - THANK YOU!!! Thank you for listening & caring enough to help me through this bump in the road.

I have not really return to running yet. Yes I have run a couple of shorter runs where I struggled with paces that should be easy or recovery. My heart races and I generally feel like someone kicked me and than ran me over with a truck. Not really the pleasant feeling that running usually provides me.

It has been decided that I am going to take a extend break from training. Yes, I hope to run a couple miles here and there just to maintain sanity but through rest, nutritional and hormone adjustments, I hope to come back stronger.

Something that touched my heart to share - Always get back up!

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