Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Buddha Says: Little by Little

Day after day I run and not one run will make me a faster or stronger runner. It is all the runs as a whole, day after day, month after month, year after year.
A stonecutter hits a rock with his hammer. The stone splits. The casual observer sees this and thinks, “Wow. That guy is really strong. I can’t believe he broke that huge rock with a single blow!”The reality (obviously) is that the stonecutter didn’t break it in a single blow—he’d been hammering away at that rock for a long time. Many, many blows went into the rock before it finally split. Most people see someone who has achieved some level of success--whether it’s enlightenment or celebrity status or financial wealth--and think, “Wow, they sure must be lucky.” Obviously, the stonecutter isn’t strong enough to break a rock in one blow and no one is “lucky” enough to reach any level of excellence without an equally diligent and consistent effort.So, hit the rock Again. And again. And again.You will break the rock.
I love the story of the stonecutter. I feel so much draw to this story because much like the stonecutter quest to split his boulder, my own running journey in last few months has been just consistently hammering away mile by mile without apparent fitness gains. In August & September, after months of continuing and consistently hitting every mile, my fitness was still not showing any signs of coming around. With 2 months of speed work, not much to show for it terms of race times. Just keep hammering away and having faith that one day, my boulder will not just crack but split the F*** open!!! Excuse my language but I like swear when I am running :-)
Now I must go put some gradual pressure on my boulder!!!
Oh what happens when you split the boulder open - um! You line up another huge one to start hammering at......

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