Sunday, November 13, 2011

Patience is the road less taken

Yesterday, while excitedly driving to my recovery run destination. I was on my way to one of my favorite places to run the Winthrop Athletics Fields & Lake for a 6 mile recovery run. I was excited to get my run underway as it was a beautiful & warm fall afternoon. Well wouldn't you know it - I got behind someone who insisted on driving about 5 mph under the speed little which may not seem a lot but when one is anxious to arrive at their destination it makes you a little antsy behind the wheel. I kept reminding myself to have patience and remember that I will get to my destination exactly at the time I was predestine to be there. So I sat back and relaxed and was sort amused at how slow we were traveling along these 2 lane back road. Now I could get all upset honk, ride this guys tail and/or curse this driver but what difference is that going to make in the end. If I did this then I may end up not at my destination at all but on the side of the road getting a ticket for rear-ending someone. You get the gist of this..ahy?
Well this got me to thinking about how I need the same patience needed on this drive was the exercise in patience I need to have in my running & training. Have patience, even when fitness is slow going. Have the patience and resolve not to get to antsy with trying to force it but just allowing it to happen. Have with faith that I will arrive at my destination exactly when it is intended for me to arrive - huge marathon PR. If I tried to force training with antsy impatience, I would end up frustrated and probably with an injury.
So I sit back patiently and enjoy the ride! Good things happen for those who have patience.
- Patience, Believeth & Faith

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