Sunday, November 27, 2011

Nothing like a 22 miler to make you question your sanity!!

I had a sanity busting 22 miler today to top off the week. It really was a mile-by-mile effort to keep my sanity and goals in check. First off, this monster run was sitting on my schedule and to be honest I had been dreading it since my 20 miler last week. I keep trying to keep a positive outlook but than today came and I whinned all morning to my husband about having to do it. I even told my son - ugh! mommy has to do a 22 miler. His repsonse was mommy you can do anything. Ah, What a sweetie and his words came back to me to give some around mile 16. I just dreaded running for 3 + hours. I know, I know what a bad attitude. I keep trying to get my mind wrapped around it - go endure what needs to be endured, just get started so finally after 3 cups of coffee and breakfast digested. I took my first gel waited 15 minutes and got started. Mile 1-11 were sort of difficult cause I just had so many miles ahead but 11 was the turning point so I was able to take comfort in being half way there and then miles after that weren't so bad but around 18 mile I just started to feel sore everywhere. I know I was developing a fricking blister on one foot and I was trying not let it alter my gait but I must have been without being me aware cause that calf started to tighten up a bit. UGH - Mile 19 was the worst cause I was just sore and tired and knew I was still 3 miles from being done. Once I hit 20 though I felt so much better so I picked the pace (only slightly) I wanted to get this thing done. 3:23 minutes of running...
Ah! So 22 miles to cap off my highest mileage week - 65 MPW
M - 6 Recovery
T - 8 Easy
W 1 W/U, 2x6, 1 C/D
T - 6.5 Recovery
F - Off
S - 8.5 Easy
S - 22 @ 9:09
Next week is a cutback week with no long run!!! I survived 3 of the most grueling & intense training weeks ever!! Woo hoo :-)
I am looking forward to my massage on Tuesday from Katie to my legs recovery from the last 3 weeks. Onward and upward!!!!

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