Saturday, November 26, 2011

I own my Awesome!

I think that in this day in age if you feel awesome and not afraid to let your awesome spirit shine some people will begrudge you the happiness of feeling awesome. I decided that I will not others determine for me how much of my awesome I let shine. I know there is something very special inside of me and have always know it to some degree. I think from a very young age I knew of this special awesomeness. My dad nicknamed me sunshine for my ability to brighten his day and turn his worries into smiles. I have been able to bring this happiness into lives of my loved ones and friends that I cherish. I have always reveled in this awesome nature of mine but somewhere in the last couple of years I started to quash this awesome nature of mine in favor of shying away, being careful not to shine to brightly in the presence of others and conform to the standards of others. In this process, I lost very part of me that made me strong. I think this is one of the reasons I struggled so much with my running. Running for me is something that made me feel strong & happy and let me shine. When I started not wanting to seem awesome for fear that it would make others feel insecure around me. I was suppressing the very thing that made me special. We live in a culture where you are not suppose to feel special, but you are special, every living creature has unique energy that makes them special. Is it not special to see dolphins swim? They are just doing there thing but we sit back watching them in awh of their special nature! We should sit back in awh of our own special nature and unique energy when doing our thing whatever that thing may be dancing, running, writing, singing, creating...whatever is special in you let it shine.
In effort to recapture my awesomeness, I declare I own my awesome!!!
May you own your awesome and endeavor to never give it away!

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