Friday, November 25, 2011

Rest Day

Rest days make me antsy! Especially when I am not tired, sore or experiencing deadleg syndrome that can crop out in the midst of marathon training. I am feeling fresh and overall great. I guess high mileage suits me well. Yippee :-) It is really awesome to be recovering so quickly from long runs and quality works outs. This is one of the benefits of high mileage is that your body begins to adapt to the stress and recovers more quickly from the stressful workouts.
My quality workout for this week was a 2x6 @ 10-15 seconds faster than goal MP. Nailed them both beyond expectations. First set average 7:49 and than second set average 7:38 and came away not feeling depleted so I know that I held back just enough to get a good workout in without going to the bank.
At this point, I am not sure Jeff or myself have a good gauge on my goal MP. I think we are both sitting back to see what I do at Kiawah to make a final assesstment of I can accomplish in Houston. All signs are pointing to better than expected so I have to be patient these next couple of weeks and let all the training take hold. 7 weeks from this weekend!

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