Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Its Not Easy But its Worth it

So I love running but it is not always easy to push myself out there to pound the pavement. I go through cycles as I think all runners do where it is more work than fun. Last week was one of those weeks were I was really just working my a** off and not always having fun. I hit a low point over the weekend when fatigue hit hard and left me wondering "is it worth it"?

After some much needed sleep this weekend and getting the kids out the door for school this week, I feel a renewed sense of purpose and commitment to my dream. I got a great pep talk from my coach that helped eased my mind that I am suppose to be this tired, that my body will adjust in the next week or so and all these miles will be worth it.

It is cliche and I know it on many levels but is hard to remember when you are tired and are deeply longing for a sign of your progress. I have to remember HARD WORK always PAYS OFF..maybe not today, tomorrow, for weeks but I know eventually I will reap what I sow. FAITH!!!

Time to get back to work and get after those miles...

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