Monday, April 23, 2012

NYC Weekend & Week in Review

As posted a week back I was so blessed with the opportunity to go to NYC for an AIF Workshop with the Whartons. AIF is Active Isolated Flexibiltiy which is used to keep muscles healthy and in balance with one and another. In many caes, it should replace all static stretching and can replace other forms of therapy such as ART, GRASTON and toehr forms of myofascial release. I learned so much this weekend that I am excited to use for my own body as well help others. I will be practicing on my husband. I had already let him know that I would be working on him tonight. I enjoyed both the workshop and my time in NYC. It was more than I could ever dreamed it would be like and relaly enjoyed every minute of it. Running wise I was so proud of myself to getting all my miles in and not letting the city distract me. I think I found a perfect compromise of doing my warm-up and cool-downs on the streets so I could take pictures and than hitting the park for the faster stuff. OMG! Central Park is amazing with trails going in every direction, or you could run the road, or take one of the soft trails or run the soft path around the resorvir, so many options and endless miles in fact I logged 38 miles this weekend. There is that saying that don't be sad it's over but happy it happened. That is how I feel but I am not only happy it happened - I beyond grateful for this once in a lifetime trip!! Week in Review Monday - 3 w/u, 5 X 1 mile @6:53 with 4 minutes Rest 2 c/d Tuesday - (AM)6 Recovery (PM) 4 Recovery Wednesday - 10 Easy Thursday - 3 w/u, 16 X 400 w/60 Second rest @ 6:00-6:20 pace 2 c/d Friday - (AM) 8 Easy (PM) 4 Easy Saturday - 10 Easy Sunday - 16 miles with 6 - 90 second surges @ 7:00-7:10 pace every mile starting at mile 5 Total - 77 Miles

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