Thursday, April 5, 2012

Oh So Tired....

The combination of Spring Break and my biggest training since before the marathon has me a bit tired and depleted. Blah! Waking up extra early to get all miles in and than managing the kids and activities has been tough stuff. I am proud of myself though because I only lost my shit one time :-) Luckily Nick had arrived home so he could quickly swoop in to do damage control. hehe So on Tuesday afternoon after my killer Hill workout (14 miles in volume), I had taken kids to lunch and to see the Lorax. Such a cute movie that inspired us to paint "Truffula Trees". So I set up our easels and paints on the back deck (newly repainted). The kids have their paints and I mine. Joey talks me into using a few my acrylic paints. I am way too tired at this point to put up a good argument against the idea. We dreamily paint while listening to Train on a warm afternoon. It was all very nice - UNTIL - I realize my sweetie is being very messy with the paints. I look at her side of the easel and see my acrylic paints all over the deck, Joey's entire body and feet where she drags the paint into the house. This is where I lost my shit :-) All was well within a few minutes as Nick quickly scooped Joey into the house and into the tub so I could clean up her mess. Ah! Acrylics don't come out of the deck - c'est la vie :-)

15 days in a row of running with no break in sight for at least 4 weeks. AH! I am climbing to 70 miles this week and will stay in the 70s for 3 weeks before I have a cutback week. And I am not even training for a marathon :-) hehe I know it is what I need doing to be very strong next Fall when I go into my next marathon cycle.

I am praying for divine intervention to keep me strong during this time period. I think once school resumes next week and we all set back into a routine, I will get back into a steady rhythm of run, recover, take care of kids/house, sleep & repeat. I need to keep that steady hum for 8 weeks and I should have a nice shiny half PR to show for in June.

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