Monday, April 23, 2012

Oh SH**!

WOW - I just had to post this cause I am amazed. In the last 4 weeks, I have run 281 miles which is 70.25 average. I am suppose to race a 5 mile race this weekend. I haven't truly raced a shorter distance race in 8 months maybe 9 months. So I am apprensive and nervous to race. Part of me wants to cancel the race and just keep training. I am sure if I told my Coach Jeff this - he will find a way to still have me doing the race. He really never lets me off the hook on anything. I tell him Gosh, Jeff - 85 miles a week freaks me out and his response is something like "don't worry about it, your body will have adapted so well, it won't know the tormet we'll be putting it through". HA!! Goal for week get positive about the race this weekend! Btw - they changed the blogging/posting function and I can't figure out the new formatting and editing function so bare with me.

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