Saturday, February 11, 2012

Another Attempt to disconnect from Facebook in process

There are benefits to facebook that I enjoy. Connecting with Family and friends that you don't otherwise get a chance to be able to witness their lives or see their families grow. This is the world of facebook that I enjoy. I have family and friends all over the states due to our living in several locations in our adult life. Sometimes life moves so fast and you don't get the time to call to check in as much as you would like to so facebook offers you to get a chance to see some faces you love and hearing about what is going in your loved ones life.

There is a apart of facebook that I finding depressing and sad. It is almost like it pulls you in using your love of family and friends that turns that love upside down and now you looking at things that do not matter in your life. You are all sudden pulled in a world of compare and stare. A couple months back I went on a facebook diet to see how the affects on me would be if I didn't check in and be consumed by the going on of other peoples lives. My first step was to try to only have my facebook information be available to my close friends and family by defriending people that I didn't have daily connect with but than I started feeling bad about defriending people. Why defriend this person and not that person? UGH! So I just decided I would not go to facebook and use other forms of communication to connect with people. It was wonderful and some how I go sucked back in again. And the horrible feelings of disconnect started again. All of sudden I no longer felt proud of my accomplishments because ____ is doing better or constantly hearing the onslaught of I am this, I did that, Looks at me, starting filling heart and head again.

IMO the Facebook world can be a very bad place to visit - some people post their highlight reals of the day in an attempt to make themselves or their world look perfect and they are looking for constant "likes" or affirmations that are awesome or their world is awesome. This stuff needs to come from your heart and your mind. If you get trapped of needing or even wanting the attention it come become of vicicous cycle.

I am very guilty of some of the compare game. I never use to care about what others thought of my accomplishments as they were mine alone. There was purity to that and I have often wondered why I have started to care about others achievements and than compare against mine own. The only answer I can contiune to come up with is facebook. This was not part of my world 2 years when my motivation was pure and no one had a clue what I was up to. Only me and my close friends knew what was happening in my life now all sudden 350 people know...what that is a lot of people knowing way too much about my daily life.

We are not to be cookie cutters of each other. To fit in a box. To walk inside the lines. To be a xerox copy of someone else. We were each made uniquely. With unique gifts, a unique set of traits and tools. Yet why do we strive/compare to be just like ____ or ____ ?

The tragedy is that we compare our tools to another. We were blessed with gifts that others do not have and vice versa. The pull of comparison always leaves you empty, or chasing after unattainable goals of being like someone else. Then you start playing by other peoples rules and you wonder why you are struggling? Or you aren’t doing as well as them? You know when you are spending hours on facebook “checking in” on friends….? I am calling your bluff. Most of the time you are comparing, whether its competition or just friends, you subliminally rate yourself based on anothers status updates. I know because I guilty of this habit.

No, I don’t think facebook is all bad as long as you can go on keep your intention pure to connect with loves one. But I want to be aware, and I want you to be aware of how quickly your heart can be affected. So guard your heart. The second you feel less of or start interalizing you have gone too far. Shut it off, choose to focus on something that reminds you of your purpose here. What really matters is you. You being 100% you. Not a copy or a remix of someone else.

So today, ask yourself who you are trying to be? Yourself or someone else. Dig deep at what your heart really wants and follow it. Don’t look back or at anyone else for that matter. Follow your passion, then you are truly serving the world and your purpose in it.

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