Friday, February 10, 2012

Just Watch Me

I Can and I will - Just Watch Me
I feel so strongly that my dreams will come to fruition. It may take 2 years or it may take 4 years but I believe in my dreams and most of I believe in myself to have the courage, determination and perseverance to see it through. I believe in me with all my soul!”
About 2 years ago, an elite running coach, Pete Rea, told me I had lots of potential and that my running goals were not lofty enough for my ability. I never really understood what he meant back when I met with him. I had no idea what he was leading into and I was like oh I could probably run a bit faster but at the time I was just looking to enjoy running and the process of training for my 4th marathon. I had no idea what was lurking inside me. I didn't really have the drive or even the inclination to see what he met. At that time, I was happy balancing my 30-40 mpw with the trials and pleasures of raising young children. I was just using running as me time. I had a friend & training partner training for a marathon and would run with her. She was running 50-60 mpw weeks and that was crazy town to me back then. Not for her but for me - really I had no ambition to see where more miles could lead me. I was happy on my path of the least amount miles to get the marathon done well and of course PR.
All of sudden it is all clicking to me. All of sudden I know my path and his words keep ringing in my head. I feel empowered by my big dreams that came from a seed planted in my head about 2 years. Who knew that with some watering and nuturing that seed is turning into this maginficent dream.
I was wondering out loud to a friend today while we were sharing our dreams and goals - why didn't I had the ambition to do this when I was younger because it would be so much easier than :-) But that isn't my path cause now I have the resources and support system to really go after this hard and in the 20s I didn't have those. So maybe this jounery and story will be about it never being too late to chase yours dream and that you don't have to be 20 to get after it.
That is what I want my story to be about anyway :-)
When work, commitment, and pleasure all become one and you reach that deep
well where passion lives, nothing is impossible.--Nancy Coey

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