Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Be Happy

From following others runners blogs over the years, I have noticed the tendency to become withdrawn from the world of running and with that posting updates happens less often. I, myself, am no exception. I even noticed I don't write in my training log during these times. It almost like writing it down somewhere makes it real and than less you have to face the reality of an injury the better.

I found myself not wanting to write at all over the past few days. But I thought I would give a try to today see if something flowed out me and eased my mind.

For 90% of the part, I am doing great. I am more at ease and almost wish I would given myself this ease of mind and peace during my 3 weeks of recovery. I didn't do that at all, I spent the whole recovery period spinning my wheels wanting to run and ended up more frustrated than I should have been. My current stretch of no-running period is allowing me to try new things that I didn't make time for when running & training hard. I have been to several yoga classes that I love and missed due to training. During both of the classes this week, I came away with new poses that my body & mind enjoyed immensely. I have spent lots of time doing general strength and mobility training. Yesterday, I spent the afternoon in a sunny field playing with a medicine ball. It was so much fun that I still have picture of it in my head and smile when I think of the fun I had.

Now sprinkled in between my fun, I have had intermittent bits of sadness & fear that I have to fight away. Allowing yourself time to feel what is your feeling but not allowing yourself to dwell is a real struggle. There is almost a constant dialogue going on in my head. As soon as something silly like you are losing all that fitness you built pops in my head replacing it "if this difficulty is taking me closer to my goal, than surrender to it allow this struggle to do it's job which is make me strong, more resilient and strong in my faith".

Goal for the day is to continue to be at peace and find love in the moment even when life is not going as planned. It is as simple as Don't Worry, Be Happy :-)

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