Monday, February 20, 2012

Recovery Run

Today I had 8 miles at a recovery pace scheduled. The change in weather was much welcomed. Sunny and warmer air was a pleasant break from my 14 miles in cold, wind & rain from yesterday. In fact several of my runs last week were on the rainy and cold days. Maybe that added to my lack of excitement around running last week. Hoping the sunner skies forecasted this week will improve my mood. I was much more myself today running than last week and I didn't have to browbeat myself to get out the door.

Funny how sometimes on a run, your mind and body can be on different pages. I realized today that my body knew what it needed to recovery from last week. No matter how much I wanted to push the pace on a mental level, my body wanted to hang out in my recovery pace range 9:30-10:00. I really was surprised how slow my body just needed to go this AM. I guess after yesterdays long run where I ran 14 miles @ 8:46 pace, it needed to recover. I really enjoying letting my body determine the pace rathar than letting my mind think too much. I am confident that my body did what needed to be done so I will be 100% recovered and ready for a tough workout tomorrow.

So Monday Fun Day Recovery Run Done 8 @ 9:46 average plus 4 X 20 Hills Sprints (I was so sluggish on these too).

Happy Monday!

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